7 Dec 2016

Solar data

As I have been  unable to bring you solar data from the normal source today, try this one: http://www.solen.info/solar/ .

Solar data late again

My source of solar data is still showing yesterday's details even at 1344z, so I have yet to update the sunspot and solar flux information. Sorry.

UPDATE 1830z:  Still not updated, so I shall not be showing sunspot and solar activity today, unless I find another source.

Return to 10m JT65

After a reasonable evening and night on 472kHz WSPR, I have now returned to 10m JT65. On472kHz WSPR the best DX least evening on RX was DJ0ABR (983km) and the best DX on TX (5mW ERP) was DL-SWL (701km). As yet no spots on 10m JT65.

UPDATE 1340z: EA8GF (2973km) has spotted me on 10m JT65.

New version of WSJT-X software (v1.7)

If you are like me, you will enjoy weak signal modes like WSPR and JT65. There is a new beta version out, WSJT V1.7-rc3, which includes some new modes. This is still beta so there could still be a few buglets. I shall probably download it later and give it a try.

My thanks to Bob G3WKW for bringing this to my attention. For the last year I have used WSJT-X V1.6 on JT65 and WSPR. It has worked well.


6 Dec 2016

2m UKAC this evening

I could only manage about 30 minutes this evening as my voice was poor and we had a guest staying. Best DX 151km, although I could have worked more had I stayed on. Activity was high. As usual I was using 5W and a big-wheel omni antenna.

OFCOM Updates

OFCOM has produced a Dec 2016 update. Merry Christmas.

See http://ofcom.cmail19.com/t/ViewEmail/i/96987FB7F93EAA95/59D1BD3EA2F08127C67FD2F38AC4859C

Late switch to 10m JT65

Rather later than usual, I have gone QRT on MF and am now on 10m JT65 (2W).

Although I have copied South America on most days recently on 10m JT65, my own signal has not been spotted for a few days. Better luck today? Ever hopeful!  I think there are fewer people on 10m JT65, which is a pity.

We should get some Es in the northern hemisphere as there is a small peak around December and January, although I do not know why.

UPDATE 1150z: No spots as yet on 10m JT65. I shall be on until this evening.

UPDATE 1700z: KK1D (3361 miles) Spotted me on 10m JT65 an hour ago. This is the first USA station to spot me this winter on 10m. I was quite surprised.

Sunspots and 10m - Tuesday December 6th 2016

The solar data has been updated.  Solar flux is 81 today. Sunspot number is 37.  A=4 and K=1.

Solar data - delayed

My solar data comes from http://www.hamqsl.com/solar.html but this is still showing yesterday's date, so I am unable to update this as yet.

Overnight on 472kHz

Last evening and overnight I was again on 472kHz (630m) WSPR with 5mW ERP from the earth-electrode "antenna" in the ground. No new reporters, but I was copied by DL-SWL (701km) again, this time in the late evening.